Edward Lilly, Athens, Ga

I have this letter from my Aunt Maria Fitzpatrick Bannister answering some correspondence from a Mr. Bill Brown in Pensacola, FL

January 23, 1989

Dear Mr. Brown;

In answer to your letter we must be related ins one way. My mother Geneva Lilly was born in Athens, GA. Her daddy came from Ireland. I do not know his name (Edward Lilly and he married Sarah Ann Smith)  I do know he is buried in Athens, GA . He was a brick mason. I do not know his wife’s name. They had three children my mother Geneva Lilly, a daughter Zetta and a son Emmett Lilly.

The grandfather (Edward Lilly) built the first stone building in Athens, Ga ( Lumpkin House)  he also helped lay the train track from Atlanta, GA to Birmingham, AL

I am sorry I do not know more. Thanks for writing me maybe we will meet some day.

Maria Bannister

The ( ) is the information I know. Is it now sad you do not know your grandparents information. Please today sit down and write down everything you know beginning with you to leave for future generations of family researchers.

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Very Interesting Post Called ALL IN THE FAMILY

I found this clipping. I am not sure of the source. It could be a Family Weekly from long ago.


Everybody comes from 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great-grandparents, 16 great-great-great-grandparents, etc.  Every generation back we go, we have twice as many lineal ancestors.

This is very much like the Persian Chessboard problem. If there are, say, 25 years to a generation, then 64 generations is 62×25=1600 years ago, or just before the fall of the Roman Empire. So, everyone of us alive today had in the year 400 some 18.5 quintillion ancestors or so it seems to say nothing about collateral relatives.

But this is far more than the population on the Earth, then or now. It is far more than the number of human beings who ever lived. Something is wrong with our calculation. What? We have assumed all those lineal ancestry to be different people. But this is not the case. The same distant ancestry is related to us by many different routes. We are repeatedly connected with our relatives. Every marriage bring cousins together.

If we go back far enough, any two people anywhere on Earth HAVE A COMMON ANCESTOR. Whenever a new American President is elected, someone generally in England dissevers that new President is a distant relative of the Queen of England. This announcement is intended, perhaps, to soothe any residual American longing for a king of our own. Of course, when two people derive from the same small corner of the world, and their genealogies are well-recorded, the last common ancestor can be discovered. But whether is can be discovered or not, a relationship is clear: WE ALL ARE COUSINS- all members of a vast world-girdling family.


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Eugenia Brown Taylor

Eugenia Brown Taylor , wife of Cleve Taylor, died April 21, 2003 in Anniston, AL She was born 20 March 1915.

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Thomas Lilly

Former Athens Man Dies in City Of Atlanta  (typed as written)

Mr. Thoms Lilly, aged Sixty-Six Years, Passed Away Yesterday and Will be Buried Here.

The following is from the Atlanta Journal of last night:

Mr. Thomas Lilly age 66, died at the residence of his niece Mrs. J.C. Dennard, 1043 East Fair Street, early Wednesday morning. He is survived by his wife; one son Emmett Lilly, of Bostwick, GA and a daughter; Mr. A.G. Fitzpatrick of Bogart, GA . He also leaves one sister Mrs. G.W. Mabry and one brother Robert Lilly of Athens, GA. The body was taken to Athens, GA his old home and the funeral and burial will be there.

The remains will reach this city this morning on the 10 o’clock train nd will be met at the station but a number of friends, carried immediately to Oconee Cemetery, where the burial will take place.

Born  17 April 1845  Athens, Clarke County, Ga

Died 20 October 1910, Atlanta GA  Buried Oconee Cemetery, Athens, GA

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I am looking for Myra Watkins that lived in Sandersville, GA  in 2000.. She was a Fitzpatrick researcher.

Myra contact me at SadieMaesAttic@aol.com    Thanks  Chris Wheeler

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Lee Roy Fitzpatrick, Addie Phillips Fitzpatrick

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Roy Fitzpatrick were killed November 7, 1970 Alligator Alley, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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Rufus Carlton Fitzpatrick, Obituary

Piedmont, Alabama

Services for Rufus Carlton Fitzpatrick, 87, of Piedmont, AL will be 6 p.m today at Piedmont Congregational Holiness Church of Hughes Street with Hayward Clark officiating. Graveside services will be 9 a.m. Friday at Goshen Cemetery with Thompson Funeral Home of Piedmont in charge. The family will receive friends 11 a.m. until service time at the church.

Mr. Fitzpatrick died Tuesday at Piedmont Health Care Center.

Survivors include two daughters, Sandra Ford and Ginger Blythe and her husband, Rick all of Piedmont; two sons and their wives, Ronald and Sue Fitzpatrick of Albuquerque, N.M.,and Carlton and Theresa Fitzpatrick of Brunswick,Ga; a brother-in-law and his wife J.D. and Eloise White of Piedmont; 10 Grandchildren, Mike Fitzpatrick and his wife, Valorie, Karen Mattox and her husband, Ron, Tony Ford, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Rachel Faulk and her husband, Marty, Sarah Fitzpatrick, Carissa Lloyd and her husband Bob, Melanie Troxell and her husband Mike, Marion Blythe and Brandy Barber; and 10 great- grandchildren.

Pallbearers will be Tony Ford, Matt Ford, Derek McFry, Leroy Fitzpatrick, Eddie Fitzpatrick, Art Ingram, and Hank Douthit. Honorary pallbearers will be grandchildren, nieces and nephews,

Mr. Fitzpatrick, a Piedmont, Al native and lifelong resident was a member of Hughes Street Congregational Holiness Church where he served as deacon for many years, played the violin, and visited the sick and shut-ins. A World War II Army veteran, he retired from SCT Yarn with 48 years of service. he was preceded in death by his wife, Violet White Fitzpatrick; his parents Arthur and Geneva Fitzpatrick; a granddaughter, Rhonda Ford McFry ; four sisters and five brothers.

Rufus was born 7 September 1917 in Oconee, GA

Married Violet White 15 October 1938 in Anniston, AL

Died 14 December 2004 in Piedmont, AL

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Samuel Gray Bible


In possession of Mrs. William Medearis Smith, 106 W. Washington St., Fayetteville, Tenn.

Publisher: Mathew Carey Philadelphia  October 27th 1802

Copied by Mabel Abbott Tucker, Tommie Lauderdale Smith

(On page 592-The End of the Prophets)

The Sone of Francis Smith


William M. Smith was bornd in the year of our lord July the 10 1813

John H Smith was bornd December the 12 – 1814

Sary Smith was bornd January the 30 – 1817

Austin G. Smith was Bornd December the 25-1818

(The end of the Apocrypha-the following is written.)

Samuels Grays  Book Bornd Aprile 22 1752



Austin Gray was bornd in the year of our lord febuary the 10 1788

Poley Gray his wife was Bornd April the 22 1792 and was marred November the _____ 30 1815

Darkis B Gray was bornd the 26 of December 1816

Margery Gray was marred October the 8 1817

Saray Gray was marred the 8 of January 1818


Martain Gray was bornd January the 6 – 1795

Poley his wife was bornd January the 15 1815

Martain Gray was marred the 27 of August 1816

Elizebeth Gray was bornd June the 7 1817

Bible of Samuel Gray continued

James C Gray was borndin the year of our lord the December the 26 1818

Saley G Gray was bornd March the 16 1821


Mary Gray was born September 19th 1774

Margery Gray was born December the 12th 1776

Elisabeth Gray was born December 24th 1779

Frances Gray was born September 5th 1782

Austin Gray was born February 10 1789

Salley Gray was born March 13th 1791

Martin Gray was born January 6th 1795

Dopson deacon was bornd May the 10 1808


Dorkis B Gray was bornd December 26 – 1816

Elisa B Gray was bornd Aprile 2 – 1819

Fanny B Gray was born in the year of our Lord October the 18 1820

Thomas C Gray was bornd August the 24 1822

Mary An Gray was born May the May 22 1824

Enos h Gray was bornd May the 24 – 1826

N.A klin Gray March 20 1828

Rachel Gray bornd febary the 20 1831

Saley Gray was bornd June 16 1833

Eesebeth Gray was bornd May 25 1835


Rachel Cheshur was Born September 3the 1801

Samuel Cheshur was  Born August 12th 1803

A Love Rey milkees Gray was born May the 21 1812

Nancy Cheser was bornd febuary the 15 1813

Margery Melinda Cheser was Bornd April the – 18: 1817

Mathew Cheser Privit was bornd August 14 1834


the age of James Meeks Sons James C Meek was borned in the Year of our lord November the 10 18 18

R (or)Machel     24

James Blackwell was Bornd the 6 of November 186_ 


May frost 1774

Mary Chesser-Eldest Daughter of Samuel & Rachel Gray Departed this life March 18th 1847 in her Seventy third year-

Marge Meeks Deceased on the 21 of December 1847 and was buried on the 1 of January 1848 Samuel Gray died on the 23 of March 1837 Aged 85 if he had lived to the 24 of April 1837

(Writing in front & back of this old Bible is so faded it cannot be read.)

(Photograph of ladies-faded-on back is printed)

L.B. Wiley, Photographer, Fayetteville, Tenn.

Bible of Samuel Gray continued

Funeral Notice

The Friends & Acquaintance of Mr. F.R. Moorhead are requested to attend  the funeral of his wife to-morrow morning at 9:30 o’clock. Services at the residence by Elder T.C. Little, Burial at Rose Hill Cemetery. May 8 1883

Funeral Notice

The Funeral of James Charles, infant son of Gen. Robert & Mrs. S. A. Farquharson, will take place on Saturday, Nov. 6 1869, at 9 o’clock AM. Funeral service at the residence, by Rev. James Watson.

Funeral Notice

The Friends & Acquaintance of James R. Shelton are invited to attend the Funeral of his Wife-Mrs. Mary V. Shelton-from his residence this evening at 2 o’clock.  Service by Elder Randolph or Rev. Mr. Gray. Burial at Rose Hill Cemetery. Sunday, September 24, 1871


Lincoln County Tennessee Bible Records, Vol. 5, page 52-54,

compiled by Mabel Abbott Tucker and Jane Warren Waller

Note from book: An underlined letter, word or date indicates it was impossible to read with complete accuracy.

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Miscellaneous Vanzant, Vanzandt , Van Zandt, Vansant Information.

I am going to be going through ALL my data I have collected over the years and if any of you see anything that you can help out with or that you may need please feel free to contact me at SadieMaesAttic@aol.com.   Be sure to put VZ Genealogy in the subject.

Willis Kay Vanzant or VanZandt son of George Rice Vanzant and Ann Kay Vanzant .  “Uncle Willie”  Rena V. Burns said when asked by Miss Ells Rhodeback, 5th Grade teacher in Upland, PA school where Alabama was. She answered “in the South because that is where Uncle Willie lives.  She was humiliated by the teacher!

Willis Kay or William Kay Vanzant as I sometimes see it was my Great Grandfather.

A letter from Signe Cowan who was Mrs. Fred Cowan 14 Jan 1977   “in folder George Rice Vanzant has Ann Vanzant died 30 Nov 1897, 63 years (b 1834 England)  small bible name Edward Kay given to him by mis Nanny Blakeley 24 May 1852. Letter as regards to his death as a soldier who was true to his country and to the UNION.

Book of Common Prayer presented to Miss Ann Crowthers by her companion Alice Herrod and Mary Matley on the eve of leaving her native country for America.

Also there was a picture of Willis K. VanZant , Anniston, AL 17 July 1917

November 1984 Howard C. Vanzandt said George Rice VZ Lived with Mary Alice Moore Vanzandt after George Albert her husband, died leaving her with young children. He later went to Old Soldiers Home, VA where he died 9 Jan 1918.



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Elizabeth Craton (Creighton) Epps

Hunting any information on Elizabeth Craton or Elizabeth Creighton Epps, born 1795 in Virginia..  Married 26 January 1807 in Wilson County Tennessee to Larry Epps, sometimes called Lary, Larey and Laurence Epps.

They lived in Lincoln County Tn.

If any of you have any info on her please email me at SadieMaesAttic@aol.com and put Elizabeth Craton in the subject.

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