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  • John Lilly and Charity Elizabeth Hughes were married 10 February 1867 in Athens, Clarke Co, GA

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  • Lilly Family plot in the “New” Section of Oconee Hill Cemetery, Athens, GA. It is not listed in the grave registery who is buried here but the stone indicates, Edward Lilly, his wife Sarah, and others who formerly were buried in a family graveyard behind the family home in the Five Points Area of Athens, GA .When the property was sold the bodies were moved to Oconee Hill, around 1890-1900.

    Edward Lilly Grave, Oconee Hill Ga


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  • The Lumpkin House still stands on the University of Georgia Campus.  Governor Lumpkin erected a home that expressed his inward idea of life.

    The Atlanta Journal, Sunday magazine, May 20, 1934 had a very good article about the Lumpkin House and Governor Wilson Lumpkin. The daughter of Governor Lumpkin, Martha Lumpkin Compton, was owner of the house after Governor Lumpkin passed away. Atlanta at that time was called Terminus and where the house was located was Marthasville. It kept this title until the growing city adopted a new name – Atlanta.

    Governor Lumpkin had several workers and skilled artisans. One was my Gr Gr Gr Grandfather Edward Lilly, of Ireland who was the stonemason.


    Lumpkin House

    You can read more about this house here at this link http://www.gly.uga.edu/railsback/BS-LH.html

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  • Edward Lilly and Sarah Ann Smith were married June 15, 1841  in Athens, Clarke County, Georgia

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    Lists in one household:

    Edward Lilly (stonemason, born in Ireland)  47 year old

    Sarah Ann   Wife   46 year old

    John      18 year old

    Mariah  15 year old

    Thomas  14 year old

    James  13 year old

    Minerva  12 year old

    Robert  9 year old

    $1000 Value in real estate, and $225.00 in personal property.


    Lists in one household:

    Edward Lilly     55 year old

    Sarah                  52 year od

    John                   27 year old (listed as stonemason)

    Maria                 25 year old

    Minerva            20 year old

    Robert              18 year old (also listed as stonemason)

    $4000 in realestate and $1500 in personal property



    Lists in one household:

    Edward Lilly       65 years old (stonemason)

    Sarah A                62 years old (keeping house)

    Mariah                 36 years old (at home)

    Minerva               31 years old (at home)


    John Lilly    38 year old (stonemason)

    Charity E.    36 year old (keeping house)

    Albert W.     11 year old ( in school)

    Sarah M.       6 year old

    Smith H.       3 year old

    Singleton      1 year old


    Thomas Lilly   35 year old (brick mason)

    Lizzie     30 year old (keeping house)

    Zotta or Zetta 9 year old  (in school)

    Geneva  3 year old         ( note  this was my Gr Grandmother who married Authur Eugene Fitzpatrick)


    Robert Lilly   28 year old (stonemason)

    Virginia  19 year old (keeping house)

    Frederick A (died during the census)





    In one household

    John Lilly  57  year old (stonemason- out of work 6 months)

    Charity    55 year old

    Married 33 years with 7 children 6 living

    Both read and write English

    Living in a rented house- 329 Washington Street, Athens, GA


    Athens Georgia City Directory 1900

    In the residence at 329 Washington Street

    John Lilly – Stonemason

    Cora Lilly- Teacher

    John, Jr.-News carrier for Athens Banner

    Shingleton- News carrier for Athens Banner

    Smith H- Stonemason

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  • I have been going through boxes full of miscellanous genealogy. Today I found a Priority envelope full. It was dated 2004. I am going to share some of the info here just hoping someone will see the information and maybe can help me out with this side of my family.

    I have a letter from Mrs. Patrick E. Lilly, Athens, GA  dated November 9, 1978.  The letter was addressed to A Dr. Mike Lilly, Irondale, AL  I have googled the address to see if anyone by that name is still living. So far no information.

    November 8, 1878

    Dear Dr. Lilly,

    I enjoyed talking to you and I hope you have been able to find the dates of birth and death of Edward Lilly (Edward is my Gr Gr Gr Grandfather. I have his birth and death date) as he came here from Ireland, perhaps their County records would have his date of birth. My husband, Patrick Lilly, told me his Great Grandfather was from County Cork and had been apprenticed as a stone mason. He came to America to join the gold rush, arriving in Miami, then traveled by horseback north to Athens and stopped for a drink of water at a well where a young lady was drawing a bucket of water.He delayed long enough to marry and was off to the gold fields. He stayed for a couple of years and had found gold of which he was robbed on his return trip. A boy had been born during his absence. He stayed in Athens for a short while and returned to California for two or three yeas. He again found gold and returned to Athens to buy a farm that was located in the place now known as Five-Points.

    Enclosed is a picture of Robert and Virginia Lilly, my husbands grandparents, and a copy of Robert Obituary notice from the Athens newspaper. I went to the First Christian Church where Robert and other Lilly’s had been members thinking a record might include Robert’s parents, but their records were practically remembered for his very Irish brogue.

    I hope this small amount of information will be of some assistance.

    Good Luck,


    Laura B. Lilly

    (Mrs. Patrick E. Lilly)

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    I am looking for descendants of Francis E. Epps born January 1923 to George William Epps and Bertha Johnston Epps

    Born in Calhoun County, AL

    Later was married to Ernest Knight and at one time they were in Miami FL.

    You can leave message here or email me at SadieMaesAttic@aol.com  Put Epps info in subject.

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  • Died in Douglasville, GA  was married to Frank Vanzant. I am looking for descendants.

    You can reply here or contact me

    Chris Epps Wheeler

    PO Box 170

    Locust Fork, AL 35097


    Her husband Frank was my Great Uncle.

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  • http://georgewaller.org/pioneers/pioneers_v11_no02-A.pdf


    I am always on the lookout for Larry Epps born 1782 in NC and died June 1861 Lincoln County Tennessee

    He married Elizabeth Creighton/Craton born 1785 in VA.  She is presumed to have died in LCT also.

    Larry and Elizabeth married 1807 in Wilson County TN.

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  • After a bazillion years of researching I finally found my Great Great Grandparents on my fathers side. Thomas Cowan and Catherine McKelvey Cowan of Pennsylvania.

    I found another article with them in the article.

    It listed him as Thomas Cohen and Catharine McKelsey of Upland, Delaware Co, PA.    It came from North America, Family Histories, 1600-2000   Hannun Family, The Genealogy of Hannum Family descended from John and Margery Hannum Settlers of Chester PA.  North American, Family Histories 1500-2000 page 464.



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